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Success Stories

“I thought I knew the right things to do to lose weight. I felt like I was putting in a lot of effort and not getting any results. Turns out, the way that I was eating and exercising was preventing me from losing weight (and luckily I wasn’t gaining weight either, just staying the same). Summer showed me how to eat to lose my stubborn belly and hip fat and I have kept it off for the last four years! I’m so glad that I found her! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”  –Shannon Walker


“Summer changed my life! I first hired summer to help me lose the 40 pounds I gained from my past two pregnancies that I was never able to lose. Not only did I lose the weight, but I discovered how to feed my family quick and healthy food that the kids love! My energy is amazing and I can keep up with the kids, work, and still have energy for me at the end of the day. Summer is very supportive and motivating and she genuinely cares about her clients achieving their results.  I can’t thank you enough Summer!”  –Christine Fisher


“I never thought I could look better at the age of 45 than when I was in college, but after dedicating one year to train with Summer, I look BETTER now than I did in my 20’s. Besides dropping the extra pounds, I dropped my prescription medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Summer showed me how I can control my health destiny through a healthy diet, the right supplements, and the right mindset. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!” –Sara Reimers


“Before I met Summer, I was really messed up. My body felt like it was falling apart on the inside and outside. I had chronic back pain, sinus congestion, headaches, no energy, and suffered from depression. I was on prescription drugs for all of those problems, and I had side-effects compounding the issue. Summer provided encouragement and motivation. She challenged me but still let me make changes at a comfortable pace for me. We started with exercise but I soon learned I had to change the foods I was putting into my body to see dramatic results. I learned which kind of exercise is best for my body, and my busy schedule with work and the kids, and how to fuel my body. I am happy to report that I got rid of ALL of my medications, feel better than I thought possible, and went from 25% bodyfat to 16% bodyfat.”   —Matt Opperman


“Summer was pinnacle in helping me lose 20 pounds in 2008. The exercise program that she put together for me was easy to follow and had variety, so it was always interesting and motivating. Also, she gave me great guidelines for eating and recommended a program that I still stick to today. Nothing like a good nutritional education get you on the right track! I would highly recommend Summer as a personal trainer as I consider her an exercise and nutritional expert.”  –Michael Turner


“I have attended Summer’s fitness classes and boot camps. I especially liked the detox and fat loss boot camp combination camp where she provided the food, all organic and gluten and dairy free. The results were amazing! I lost fat, and I felt strong and healthy at then end of two weeks. Summer also created a personalized fitness program for me which was helpful in eliminating knee pain I had experienced for several months. Summer always has a positive attitude and she is very encouraging. I highly recommend her to you!” –Patti Walters


“I have never been in better shape than while Summer was my personal trainer. She really made fitness attainable and she is a role model of healthy behavior.” –Julie Houde


“Summer helped me go from 30% bodyfat to 23% bodyfat and turn my entire view on fitness and nutrition around! I was extremely successful with the fitness and nutrition program she developed for me and I saw my body change very quickly! Summer incorporated creative and innovative exercises that I’d never thought of! In addition to improving my cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, and strength, she was constantly showing me new ways to look at nutrition and the food I was putting in my body. She showed me quick ways to eat healthy unprocessed foods that supercharged the workouts we did together. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make healthy choices and lose fat!” –Laura Holt


“Summer is a very knowledgeable and professional personal fitness trainer. Summer instructed me on how to rehabilitate my lower back and Achilles tendon. I continue to use the techniques she taught me to maintain strength and flexibility. I have witnessed first hand Summer’s ability to work with individuals of various backgrounds and athletic aptitude to achieve their fitness and health goals. I enthusiastically recommend Summer as a Fat Loss and Fitness Coach.” –Louis Rodarte


“I recently started working with Summer again after 4 years. I decided I wanted to get back into shape and I knew that Summer would provide the best service. She helps you set your goals at your own pace while making sure everything you do in your work out is a challenge to get you looking fit and HOT! I’ve reshaped my body by losing bodyfat and improving muscle tone. I am also making green smoothies everyday and I love them! Summer showed me how to eat healthier on the road with my busy schedule. Thank you Summer, glad we are working together again!”  –Deb Sokol